Nirvana Healing Center

   A Healing Space

Nirvana Healing Center

A Healing Space

1353 Gold Star Highway
Suite 208 Groton, CT 06340


Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is unique comprehensive powerful and intelligent healing approach. It is free of the rituals and techniques.

This is the new comprehensive process of reconnecting to the all knowing universe.  Interacting with new levels of light and information allows healing to take place on all levels that is most appropriate for you to bring your body, mind, emotions, and spirit come to balance.

A healing session ordinarily lasts for from 30-40 minutes, including a brief orientation and a debriefing after the session. The client remains fully clothed during the session, lying on his or her back on a massage table. Ordinarily the session takes place completely "hands off." You simply close your eyes, relax and notice your own experience.

Clients may experience a wide range of responses to the frequencies, including spontaneous movements of the body, various feelings of energy moving in the body: sensations of heat, cold, tingling; magnetic pulling; feeling of being touched, for example, as well as visual images, ideas or stimulation of other senses. These do not always happen. They are not indicative of healing taking place, which can happen without any of these responses. Healing can come in all forms, but it is not determined by the conscious will of either the practitioner or the client, so to simply remain in a state of open expectancy without any attachment to the outcome is the best way to allow healing to take place.

Besides relief of physical symptoms, healing from the Reconnective frequencies may also take the form of release of long-held fears or anxieties, insight into troubling issues, or improvement in relationships or other areas of life. Clients may also experience a feeling of calmness, connection to a higher force, or blissful emotions.

Sessions are done in-person or in remote distance at $80 per session done by Alla Markelova herself.