Nirvana Healing Center

   A Healing Space

Nirvana Healing Center

A Healing Space

1353 Gold Star Highway
Suite 208 Groton, CT 06340

IET~ Integrated Energy Therapy
Angelic Healing

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a hands-on healing system which uses specific hand positions and acupressure to release past trauma, emotional pain and blocks in the chakra system and beyond. IET is a deeply relaxing experience similar to Reiki, but the healing energy, channeled directly from Angels, goes deeper into the client's auric field where it targets emotions stored in the cellular memory. As the Angels and the practitioner work on the client, these deeply stored emotions are released to the Light to be transmuted to Love by the Divine, restructuring the auric field to attract new experiences and to break patterns. Find out more at Vital Vibrations

This service is provided by Tina Shifflett, RMT, IET 

Tina also offers Holy Fire III Reiki sessions and private one-on-one classes. Call her for more information at 860 857-6324

90 minutes $88 or a package of 3 is $233

Combine with Reiki $111


Please visit Vital Vibes for more info about Integrated Energy Therapy, Holy Fire III Reiki and for Tina's Bio