A Healing Center

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Come Into Healing

Raising Awareness Through Service & Education

NL Healing Arts Center welcomes Avanti Healing to the family to offer you even more in the art of healing and over all wellness.   As a practitioner cooperative located in Groton, CT.  Avanti meaning come home or welcome wants to invite you to come into your own healing of mind, body and spirit. Avanti focuses on Natural and Vibrational Medicine offering several energy and body healing modalities by specialized experts in their field. 

The center is designed to provide a holistic space for clinics, services, and education. We are here to help raise awareness about natural health and healing through education.  Our practitioners are experienced, licensed or certified in their field to provide a holistic approach to creating balance and health in your life.

Avanti's philosophy is that healing should be available to everyone, and that is why all our services range from $40 to $85.  Some therapies can be combined with others to save on the cost of your session.   We invite you to check out our services!

Find Us

Located in Groton, Connecticut / 

1353 Gold Star Hwy, Suite 208 /